• Tech update: Log conveying in 2022 - Wood Business

    by admin on 2022-12-07 15:37:50
    CFI rounds up the latest conveyor technology available to Canadian sawmill operations. March 2, 2022  By CFI staff The Bruks Belt Conveyor is a high-capacity roller free conveying system that offers minimal equipment wear and very low operating costs as a result of reduced friction in th
  • Domino's is still struggling to get pizza to your house

    by admin on 2022-12-07 15:37:49
    By Danielle Wiener-Bronner, CNN Business    (CNN) -- Domino's is still struggling with delivery."The delivery business continued to be more pressured," in the second quarter due to staffing problems, said CFO Sandeep Reddy during an analyst call Thursday. Delivery sales at stores open at least a
  • Watch Hundreds of Holiday Movies For Free With One Simple App

    by admin on 2022-12-07 15:37:44
    More and more people are ditching cable services for streaming these days, but if you haven't done it yet because you NEED to watch Christmas movies during the holiday season...don't worry, there's a FREE app for that!The way I see it there are two types of Christmas people; those who
  • A complete FAQ to disc brakes - CyclingTips

    by admin on 2022-12-07 15:37:41
    Answering all the commonly asked questions, this is your ultimate guide to disc brakes. Love it or hate it, disc brakes on drop-bar bikes are here to stay. With all major drivetrain manufacturers now fully committed to the cause, and bike sales figures showing little demand for rim brake bikes, ther
  • LOOK 795 Blade RS Review: Dead Sexy - PezCycling News

    by admin on 2022-12-07 15:37:39
    Publisher - What's Cool In Road Cycling There are some bikes that just have “the look.” No pun intended, but the LOOK 795 Blade RS Proteam White is one of those bikes. It draws admiring stares and elicits “oohs” and “aahs” — even from
  • Food Engineering logo

    by admin on 2022-12-07 15:37:39
    THERMOLuxme is a tubular chain conveyor with the addition of jacketed pipes containing cooling fluid to convey and cool material from 500°F to 110°F and can save food producers money by eliminating the cost and floor space required for a separate cooling stage. In food processing, hot materials su
  • Shaped wire belt stands up to the rigors of heat treating - Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

    by admin on 2022-12-07 15:37:31
    Engineered geometry increases strength, decreases stretch, and withstands thermal cycling.Aerospace manufacturers using heat treatment – which can reach temperatures up to 2,400°F and vary from a few seconds to 60+ hours – need conveyor belting that can withstand the rigors of the process. Howe
  • Old Seattle Lives at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall | Seattle Met

    by admin on 2022-12-07 15:37:25
    Seattle Met 509 Olive Way, Suite 305, Seattle, WA 98101 Phone: 206-957-2234 • Fax: 206-447-3388 Karrie Cole Swain's trailer Boxes of Glass.Image: courtesy Karrie Cole SwainWhen an airplane flies overhead at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, near the site of Seattle’s original Boe
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  • I’ve ridden every electric motorcycle out there. Here’s what I know

    by admin on 2022-12-07 15:37:19
    Electric motorcycles are my jam. If I’m on two wheels and it’s not a bicycle, then odds are I’m on an electric motorcycle. I don’t ride them because they’re clean or green, though those are nice side benefits – I ride them because they’re fun and enjoyable. They’re infinitely better